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Would you like to fill in missing gaps of your smile with dental implants? Are you taking the proper precautions to ensure your teeth are replaced properly? If so, then hopefully your jaw bone structure has been protected well enough for possible dental implant treatments to occur.  Consider the following list of benefits that dental implants can offer:

– Dental implants fit extremely well and are considered by many patients to be much more comfortable than dentures.

– Some tough to chew foods such as steak can easily make dentures shift within your mouth, but dental implants hold fast, making these foods much more pleasurable and easier to eat.

– Due to a procedure called Osseointegration, the bone-implant combination can grow to support and hold the implant tight.

– Dental implants can repair the natural shape and structure to your face lost by missing teeth.

– Your jawbone can weaken and deteriorate over time if it has no teeth or implants to support.

– Your gums that hold teeth in place can cause your neighboring teeth to move when a gap is not filled in from a lost or missing tooth.

– A full, healthy smile is much better received in most social settings, which will also enhance your self-esteem and boost your self-image.

If you would like to learn if dental implants are right for you, you are welcome to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Christopher McGonigle and our team at Advanced Dental Care. Our dental office is conveniently located in Burlington, Massachusetts, and we can be reached by calling 781-272-2875. We look forward to helping you restore your confident smile!