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Perhaps the most troubling issue when it comes to oral care is the potential to develop gum disease. What makes gum disease so scary is that it can lead to tooth loss and even throat cancer and heart disease. Despite how dangerous gum disease can be, it is one of the most easily preventable diseases for adults in America.

The most effective way to keep yourself from having gum disease is simple: floss daily.

Periodontitis develops from gingivitis. The symptoms of periodontitis include red and inflamed gums that often bleed during regular brushing and flossing. In addition, gingivitis causes chronic bad breath.

By flossing daily, you will help prevent the buildup of hard tartar. How? When you floss, you remove food particles and plaque that leads to tartar buildup. Hard tartar is what leads to gingivitis.

To floss properly, tie the string to the ends of both middle fingers and then grip the floss with your thumb and forefingers. When flossing, use this grip to form a U shape around each of your teeth while cleaning them. Gently clean while making sure to bring the floss down to the gumline, and don’t forget to floss behind your back teeth.

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