If you are so nervous about receiving dental care that you avoid it entirely, then we invite you to schedule an appointment at Advanced Dental Care so you can benefit from our dental anxiety care. Our dentist and team will use techniques that can help you feel calm and comfortable while we care for your teeth. Call Dr. Christopher McGonigle to learn more about what we do for our patients with dental anxiety in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Do you fear visiting a dental office? This is common among many people, whether it is because they have a strong gag reflex, a bad childhood experience, or just dislike the feel of dental tools in their mouth. Those with dental anxiety often avoid visiting a dentist, which results in poor dental health. For patients who feel nervous about coming to a dental office, they can relax at ours because we offer dental anxiety care.

We invite you to speak with our dentist about your anxiety before receiving care so we can take steps to help you feel comfortable. We can agree on a signal for you to use if you find that you need to take a break during a procedure. Along with our sedation options, we may offer a throat spray that helps to control a strong gag reflex. Listening to music, visualization exercises, or bringing a family member can also help you to relax while receiving dental care. Contact our team today if you would like to learn more about our dental anxiety care.