After Eating, Reach for Your Mouthwash, Not Your Toothbrush

Did you know that brushing your teeth after meals can actually damage your teeth? After eating, reach for your mouthwash, not your toothbrush. Harmful acids often present in food can leave your teeth vulnerable and extra sensitive. Some forms of toothpaste may be too abrasive for your teeth at this time, and could actually harm your enamel. Instead, opt for an alternative oral health cleaning method such as mouthwash. Listed be are a few benefits that mouthwash can provide:

– Some forms of mouthwash can have active ingredients in them to help fight off halitosis, which is another name for bad breath. Halitosis is often caused by foul odors created from bacteria.
– Some forms of mouthwash can contain ingredients designed to whiten your teeth. For the most effective tooth whitening system, speak with your dentist about scheduling a professional tooth whitening treatment, as they can improve the color of your teeth by up to ten shades in a single visit.
– Mouthwash often contains fluoride, an active ingredient well known for its enamel-protecting effects.

If you are interested in a professional cleaning from Advanced Dental Care at our dentist office in Burlington, Massachusetts, call us as 781-272-2875. Dr. Christopher McGonigle and our team want to ensure your teeth remain clean for a lifetime to come.

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