The Truth About Fluoride

It doesn’t take a very long internet search to find out that there is a lot of misinformation about fluoride out there. It is certainly a controversial topic, mainly with regards to it being added to public water supplies. While we don’t want to weigh in on the controversy, at Advanced Dental Care we do offer fluoride treatment. Here are some facts about fluoride.

Fluoride is a mineral, not a medicine. Fluoride occurs naturally in rocks, soil, and almost all water sources on Earth. It is a chemical ion from the element fluorine. Its benefit to us is that it strengthens tooth enamel. Many people use it in toothpaste and in supplements. But it is no more a medication than any calcium or vitamin supplement.

Fluoride is safe to use at any age. In fact, it is quite important for children to have appropriate access to fluoride in their early years. They are especially prone to developing cavities, and therefore need any protection we can give them. By strengthening teeth early, children are put on the road to a lifetime of good oral health.

However, overexposure can cause consequences in the form of fluorosis. This is mild discoloration in the teeth, and is typically caused by natural water sources, such as a well. Extreme fluorosis is exceptionally rare in the U.S.

Fluoride prevents cavities. There has been a demonstrable, major decline in cavities since fluoride has been incorporated widely in toothpaste and other systems. The stronger tooth enamel is, the harder it is for cavities to form.

If you would like to learn more about fluoride, including the fluoride treatment available from Dr. Christopher McGonigle, please call our Burlington, MA, office today. We look forward to helping you have a stronger smile!

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